HEALING IMPROV is a registered 501(c)(3) Federal Tax-exempt Charity

Operating in the State of Michigan

Healing Improv, 8086 Ginger Brook Ct SE, Ada, MI 49301

We believe in the healing power of 
Comedy Improv 
Grief Workshops
We offer No-Cost Comedy Improv Grief Workshops 
to aid people in breaking free from stifling grief. 
By coming together with others suffering 
and sharing in Improv exercises and games, 
participants begin laughing and opening up 
avenues of communication to break through the 
log jam of emotions that hold us 
hostage to our grief. 

We laugh, move, make new friends, 
and come to realize that 
life does indeed move forward. 

There ARE joyous and 
downright silly things 
waiting to be lived.
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Improv Photos by Dave Kagan, Sensitography  sensitography.com